Ozetti Manual Can Opener Stainless Steel


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  • BEST MANUAL CAN OPENER ?C Smart engineering and high-quality materials combine for ultimate best can opener performance; large grips and handle . smooth and easy turning . extremely reliable.
  • MUST HAVE KITCHENWARE TOOL ?C If you have an automatic tin opener . you always need a manual on stand-by; you’ll also enjoy the quiet . reliable performance compared to an automatic can opener.
  • DURABLE METAL CONSTRUCTION ?C Smooth edge can opener design is ergonomically optimized and easy on your hands. Easy-to-turn action can opener for arthritis. Stainless steel can opener with non-toxic plastic grips and handle; won’t rust; 8?? L x 2?? W.
  • 2 IN 1 BOTTLE AND CAN OPENER ?C Built in bottle opener – easy to use – opens bottles in one swift movement. Now you have 2 in 1 tool you can use for opening cans and bottles. Perfect for small kitchens – this 2 in 1 tool saves space!
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